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Speaker Resources

Host a Google Webinar for Your Organization

You’re already doing great work in your communities. Grow with Google wants to help. As a partner, you have access to free resources for your organization to teach people the digital skills that will grow their careers and businesses. Dave Meyer is your Grow with Google Speaker-Trainer for the Upper Midwest region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska). Dave's passion is helping small businesses and individuals succeed using the free tools Google offers as part of this program.


Educate Your Audience About Digital Marketing

One of BizzyWeb’s core values is Education. To that end, BizzyWeb has speakers available for events that are looking to educate people about digital marketing best practices for their company or organization. Our speakers have over 30 years of professional speaking experience combined, and are fully versed in current digital marketing best practices to help companies get found and grow.