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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential resource for any business looking to reach a wider audience and form deeper connections with their current audience. However, creating social content that provides value and drives traffic to your website takes research, planning and careful execution.

That’s where a comprehensive social media marketing strategy is important. This page covers the basics of creating a social media marketing strategy.  


Types of Social Media Marketing

In the past, social media was confined to one or two networks. Today, there are countless sites to choose from, with new platforms being developed and taking off in popularity each year. However, most social platforms can be categorized by how they are used and what types of content performs best on the platform.

Depending on your business and your target audience, you’ll find that some platforms work better than others.

Social networking sites

Social networking sites are designed to connect individual people together. They allow users to follow their friends or colleagues and post updates about their lives. The primary purpose of these networks is to facilitate personal connections. Most require users to use their real names and photos.

Popular Social Networking Sites:

• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Snapchat
• Twitter

Photo sharing social media sites

Photo sharing social media sites are designed to bring people together through 
visual-based content. These sites typically see less one-to-one interaction than social networking sites, but instead make the content itself the primary focus.

Popular Photo Sharing Sites:

• Instagram
• Imgur
• Pinterest

Video sharing sites

Video sharing sites are a useful way to share both short and long-form video content. 
Similar to photo sharing sites, the content is the primary focus and draw, versus facilitating connections.

Popular Video Sharing Sites:

• YouTube
• TikTok
• Vimeo

Discussion forums

Discussion forums are more informational than other social media platforms. Discussion forums split out into extremely niche topics, which allow users to have conversations at the same level, answer questions and most importantly: find information. These tend to be entirely anonymous.

Popular Discussion Forums:

• Reddit
• Quora

Live streaming sites

Live streaming sites are a unique breed of social media that has increased in popularity the last few years. The appeal of live streaming is both an immediate interaction between comments and creator and a less-polished - but more authentic - video experience. Many social media sites have now incorporated live streaming within their platform.

Popular Live Streaming Sites:

• Twitch
• YouTube Live
• Facebook Live
• Instagram Live