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FINNEGANS is a non-profit beer company who believes in barstool philanthropy. They take their profits and “turn beer into food” by donating 100% of their profits to fighting hunger. They have “Reverse Food Trucks” where you can donate items to food shelves, and work with other agencies to fight hunger at the local level.

The old FINNEGANS website wasn’t mobile responsive, and it was hard for staff to update. The site needed to help thirsty visitors find their beer at various bars and liquor stores. Staff wanted to be able to update the site with local events they would be attending, promote where the Reverse Food Truck was, and tell people where they could locate FINNEGANS beer.

In a collaborative partnership with Martin Williams, BizzyWeb helped to develop a website that FINNEGANS could easily update. BizzyWeb also worked to get a location finder integrated into the site to help people find their favorite FINNEGAN’s beer. Also integrated was a merchandise store so anyone could buy FINNEGANS-branded gear. The new website is mobile responsive and makes it easy to find ways on any device to get great beer, donate to the Community Fund, and help fight hunger.


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