In today’s market, it’s not enough to have a great product or service

You also need to look professional and trustworthy and give your prospects a reason to take the next step. BizzyWeb’s team of marketing and design professionals can create the perfect logo or marketing support material for you, at a “Buzzworthy” price! If you’ve had the same logo for years or need a logo fresh out of the gate, we can help.

Our logo and branding packages include a deep dive into your company through interviews, questionnaires, and observation. We determine what your brand personality is and begin building the strategy around not only how you perceive yourself, but also how your customers perceive you. We deliver a personalized branding voice that will make your business recognizable to customers.

Brand Strategy packages include all assets needed to ensure your marketing is consistent across all media. We’ll create a brand strategy guide for you which will include a moodboard, color and font palettes (along with the psychology behind them), a discussion of archetypes, target audience, and competitive analyses. We will also create items for you like business cards, stationery, folders, brochures, etc.


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