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The Women’s United Nations Report Network (WUNRN) is a non-governmental organization that implements the conclusions and recommendations of a United Nations Study on Freedom of Religion of Belief and the Status of Women from the viewpoint of Religion and Traditions. They build on the juridical and factual aspects of this study and create plans of action and practical projects to end intolerance and discrimination against women in various countries around the world.

Their old website was built in an antiquated technology and was difficult to update. They also couldn’t disseminate info to the United Nations or any other contact from the website. Most of their users are research or scholar-based organizations which need the information in multiple languages.

BizzyWeb designed a website in a WordPress environment and migrated 15 years of work (over 20,000 articles) to their new website. They were all tagged and categorized for search engine crawling and optimization. We then added a translation tool into the site for viewing and readability across the globe.


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