Website Hosting

Web hosting is one of the most important, yet sometimes misunderstood, parts of building an effective website. You need a site that is blazing fast, secure, reliable, and supported by real, live people who understand your business. That’s where BizzyHosting shines.

BizzyHosting is available to anyone who needs a home for their WordPress website, regardless of if we designed it or not.

Our BizzyHosting packages include:

  • Monitoring, maintenance and support of your website by real, live BizzyWeb staff
  • 3 hours of technical support each year for our standard web hosting package (more on premium packages)
  • Security hardening and malware scanning to keep your site safe from hackers
  • Regular backups which allow you to “roll back” your site in case something gets accidentally deleted
  • Software and plug-in updates to keep your site secure and working as expected
  • Shared SSL for enhanced security
  • Premium web hosting for eCommerce or other large-bandwidth sites, if needed
  • Easy access to online training and short tutorials

Items not included in your hosting package include:

  • Content updates
  • Design updates
  • Form updates
  • Non-supported plug-in updates
  • Hacking of user accounts or non-supported plug-ins due to non-secure passwords (supported plug-ins are listed in your hosting agreement)

We’ll be happy to help with any of the above issues at our standard hourly support rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is BizzyWeb’s BizzyHosting different from other hosting services?

At BizzyWeb, we pride ourselves in putting our customers first. We are real, live people located in the Midwest who continually monitor your website uptime and ensure that everything works as planned. We are WordPress experts, and pride ourselves on designing effective designs that generate buzz for our customers. If something happens on your website, you can feel confident that we can fix it.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to a service that gives your website its virtual “home.” Just like a house sits on a street with a specific number for it’s address, a website sits on a server with a domain name for its address. Without hosting, your website would be unavailable to the public Internet.

What is a domain?

Your domain name is your address on the Internet, also know as your URL or Web Address. Typically, it will be something like or Domain names need to be registered annually, and for optimal SEO benefit should be renewed for a term of at least 3-5 years. Domain registration is very inexpensive, and can be handled centrally through BizzyWeb along with your web hosting, so you just get one bill for all of your website needs.

What is an SSL, and do I need one?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. “Shared” SSLs are standard with our hosting, and help ensure your site gets found by Google and keeps your customer data more secure than standard “HTTP” websites. For companies requiring eCommerce payments or wishing to process financial transactions, there is an additional annual fee to keep your SSL certificate active on your website. SSL certificates also require a static IP address.

Can I host my email with BizzyHosting?

Bizzyweb does not offer email hosting, but we do work with vendors such as GSuite for Business or Microsoft 365. Additional fees apply depending on your specific needs.