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Twin City Underwriters has over 20 insurance agents around the state who offer guidance and education for people who are new to Medicare, and they offer supplemental medical insurance benefits to help defray costs. Prospective clients are typically confused about what they need to know, and they aren’t sure about the next steps. To aid in this education, they conduct at least 6 workshops per month explaining Medicare and insurance benefits.

Twin City Underwriters asked BizzyWeb to help them to use digital marketing to attract people to their workshops, get found on the internet and become known as a subject matter expert in their field. With their digital marketing strategy, using a combination of on-page SEO and keyword focuses in content, as well as a social media and email strategy complemented by pay-per-click advertising, we were able to increase the traffic to their website and get 40% more attendees to their workshops.

One of the challenges to their program, both for Twin City Underwriters and BizzyWeb, was that their website was built in an antiquated technology. Toward the end of the first year of their digital marketing program, they decided to contract with BizzyWeb for Growth-Driven Design to continually improve their website. Up until this point, all changes to the website had to be done by a third party. Once redesigned, their launchpad website was easier to add events to, update calls to action, and do on-page technical SEO to help with rankings.

They also found that they had a need to manage contacts, marketing, sales and service efforts in a CRM, so we worked with them to onboard those efforts into HubSpot. Onboarding was a fun process that got Twin City Underwriters set up for success with a managed CRM architected to their needs, plus Sales and Service portals so they can keep track of their Sales pipeline while offering the best service to their customers. With one system that keeps track of each person they work with, they are able to see all communications from any department and give a personalized touch to all of their customer touchpoints. Their marketing tools are integrated in the system too, so they enjoy helpful insights into what is working best for them, and what is generating the most leads.


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