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St. Cloud Window are a second generation woman-owned business focusing on commercial aluminum windows and door products. They had a common problem most of our clients face – they had just updated their website a few years ago, but it was starting to grow stale. The design was serviceable, but used out-of-date tools like Flash that made it cumbersome for mobile users. St. Cloud Window also needed a new content and marketing strategy to help effectively deliver their messages and drive new business to their site.

Our highest priority was building out their product selection tool and getting away from Flash. We reorganized the information so it makes sense to users and is easy for them to find the information they’re seeking. A filtering option lets users drill down to specific products. We also build out a project showcase section to highlight past projects.

We also tweaked their content to stay up to date with current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. To help them rank on Google and to promote their services to a new audience, we developed a comprehensive ongoing marketing plan that includes SEO, blogging and social media marketing.


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