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SPINS is on a mission to increase the presence and accessibility of Natural and better-for-you products that help people live their healthiest and best lives and drive sustainable production practices in North America. In 2021, they acquired ClearCut Analytics, an eCommerce and retail analytics company, and they found that both companies had HubSpot portals – but they didn’t want to give up the data they had acquired in each portal in a migration. HubSpot recommended BizzyWeb to SPINS to help with the portal migration.

The data that HubSpot collects can be invaluable for companies. ClearCut’s portal needed to be migrated into SPINS’ portal. They wanted to migrate data history, inbound campaigns, automations, forms and lists, and not to miss any steps in their day-to-day business. They had a tight 2-month timeframe to complete the project.

BizzyWeb was able to work with both SPINS and ClearCut to ensure that the additional architecture of the database added information ClearCut needed, but also maximized what SPINS already had in place. Their reporting had to be separated out by business unit, so that the company could track analytics separately, and still keep track of differences and important metrics that ClearCut had to report on. The timeframe was met and ClearCut didn’t miss a step in their business as we migrated over to the new portal.

"BizzyWeb was a critical resource in helping with our HubSpot transition and migration. Their entire team was professional, thoughtful, collaborative and solutions-oriented during our partnership. We would have been lost without them. If you have the chance to work with BizzyWeb on HubSpot projects or others, do not pass it up." 

— Jake Bernstein, Director of Sales, ClearCut Analytics.



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