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Retail Tech, Inc. is a group of talented, hardworking and caring individuals coming together for one purpose: to provide retailers, grocers, hospitality chains, and third-party maintenance companies their ideal Point of Sales (POS) solution. Retail Tech was founded in 2000 as a company selling low-cost alternatives to new and refurbished POS equipment. Today, Retail Tech has evolved into a full-service company offering a broad spectrum of new and refurbished hardware, integration, deployment, and installation services.

They originally asked BizzyWeb to design a website, which launched in 2012. When they decided to redesign it again, they called us. They wanted an updated look and feel and wanted their website to work as a marketing tool to generate leads and get higher search engine rankings. They also wanted their website to be a hub of information for prospective and existing customers to delight them.

BizzyWeb created a new mobile-responsive website that included a blog, social media integration, engaging imagery and strong calls to action to move their clients through the buyer’s journey. Through this, we brought all of their products into their website to showcase the breadth of the product line and focused on reselling refurbished product. Using best practices for user experience, we ensured that the website was easy to navigate and that visitors could easily contact Retail Tech for more information or quotes.

When their second website redesign was done, Retail Tech decided to work with BizzyWeb on a Digital Marketing project to actively generate more leads for the sales team. Each month the leads from form fills and clicks to call continue to rise and their social media outperforms their competition.

Retail Tech has recently started their third website redesign with BizzyWeb to move from a retail-oriented layout to a solutions-driven format. They would like to showcase their abilities through case studies, testimonials and high-quality photography to update the user experience. They also want to create more calls to action to aid in generating more leads and lead the prospects through the buyer’s journey.


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