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Retail Tech Inc. provides high-quality POS hardware solutions – including POS parts and refurbished POS hardware.


Without a dedicated in-house marketing team, Retail Tech didn’t have the capacity or time to effectively market their products and services. Additionally, they needed a partner who could not only create a brand new site, but also maintain and manage it on their behalf.


Retail Tech had the following goals they wanted a marketing partner to achieve:


  • Design a modern website that’s easy to use for non-developers
  • Maintain and manage the website
  • Create a monthly marketing plan – not just a “post when you have time”
  • Increase presence and engagement on LinkedIn (key network)


We took a look at Retail Tech’s company growth goals to determine a realistic marketing plan that would help them get there. Then, we got to work on the following:


  • Conducted keyword research, user experience research, and analyzed current customer behavior. We then used this information to update the website design for ease of use and high conversions.
  • Set up a hosting plan to ensure that the site was continuously monitored by BizzyWeb, that plugins would be updated by our team, and that we would resolve any broken links over time.
  • Created a monthly marketing plan involving SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Developed a cadence for consistent marketing.
  • Identified target audience on LinkedIn and created content specifically geared to engage them.


Creating a consistent plan for both the website management and ongoing marketing efforts allowed Retail Tech to fully delegate these key tasks to an offsite partner. This meant that they no longer needed to pull in on-site employees to hastily fix any website issues or throw together a marketing campaign – instead, they can focus their time on their job duties.


They now have:


  • An easy-to-use site that increases conversions
  • Peace of mind that someone is always actively checking the website
  • A consistent, cohesive marketing strategy
  • A strong LinkedIn presence in their industry
Sustained PPC click-through-rate
Increase in website sessions
Increase in form fills

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