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MinMor Industries is an integrated marketing and printing company. An established leader in the printing, packaging and promotions company. They have 6 child companies who focus on different incentives, food packaging, and safety materials for schools and children of all ages. Their first product was Scratch n’ Smell stickers, and in almost 30 years they have grown into 6 different divisions who partner with different stores and schools to create products to incent kids to focus on good nutrition and safety. Their divisions include Mello Smello, Bus Safety Stop, Olympak, Mission Nutrition, Notables, and Kidcentives.

MinMor had six different websites, one for each division. They weren’t able to update them without outside help. They wanted to have control over their branding and message and wanted to be able to update products quickly. They also had one division that had declining revenues, and they wanted to use digital marketing to bring it back to where it once was.

BizzyWeb utilized a WordPress multi-site architecture to design eCommerce websites for 4 of the divisions. This allowed MinMor to roll off new websites easily and cost-effectively with a consistent look and feel. BizzyWeb also started a digital marketing program for the Bus Safety Stop division to grow the email contact list, drive traffic to the eCommerce site and sell more programs.


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