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Dorglass is the recognized leader in glass and glazing in the Twin Cities area since 1973. They provide sales and service for the commercial, multi-housing and residential rental markets. They engaged BizzyWeb to create a website that was immersed in their brand, vision and mission. The new site needed to enhance their brand, generate leads and showcase their portfolio.

BizzyWeb helped by creating a new website that showcased their window and door work. They also worked to make sure all site content was relevant and keyword-rich so Dorglass could get found more easily in online search. It worked! According to Sammy Reagan, President of Dorglass: “The website created by BizzyWeb has generated an average of 10 quote requests per week.”

After the website was launched, Dorglass was struggling to gain insights into their business with current systems, and automate follow-up for their team. BizzyWeb stepped in to help onboard the company onto HubSpot.

They wanted to integrate HubSpot into their ERP system for a seamless experience. Sales and Service had a hard time working in their ERP system, which wasn’t very flexible. Management also wanted to gain insights into the business with HubSpot’s reporting capabilities. BizzyWeb brought IntegrateIQ help with a custom integration into their ERP system.

BizzyWeb worked with Dorglass management to construct an intelligent CRM experience that would take their unique Sales team needs through to project management of the glazing construction process, and then back through project completion and invoicing. Notifications are going to all teams in the business to keep business moving, and they have a new, user-friendly portal to work from that creates efficiencies for all teams. Management also has the reporting they need to gain insight into the business and identify and solve any issues with business processes.


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