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Blip Toys is a global marketer of toy concepts who are passionate about making high-quality toys for today’s kids, offered at a great value. They have several toy lines and enjoy creating toys for the smallest consumers. One of their product lines is Squinkies – small rubbery characters which kids can collect, and you can get other accessories for them, like bags, houses, and various types of playsets to bring your imagination to life.

Squinkies wanted a website portal where kids could log in, create a profile and catalog which Squinkies they had, and which ones they wanted. They also wanted the website to be shareable with friends, and fully secure. As a marketing team, they had all of the design done, but they needed help with implementation for this next phase.

BizzyWeb took their ideas and rebuilt their website. They created a cataloging system so kids could create a login and maintain a list of which Squinkies they had. We also created a wishlist functionality, and shareability so that friends and family could interact with each other in the Squinkies universe. Security was at the forefront of this development, to protect the children from any harm. Through this build, Squinkies was able to add on to its already large market share and keep the kids interactive and buying more.


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