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Blind Installation and Repair, Inc. makes the world more beautiful: one window at a time. Along with installation and repair of window treatments, the company focuses on safety and integrity of blinds. Blind Installation and Repair, Inc. is focused on making sure that the customers are happy and their window blinds will function smoothly for years.

One of the challenges Blind Installation and Repair, Inc. faced in attracting customers is that their business is highly need-based. Customers typically don’t pay any thought to their blinds…until they have to. The key was consistent and targeted communication to keep Blind Installation and Repair top-of-mind. Blind Installation and Repair wanted to grow their repair business with online advertising. From their business partnerships, they had a customer base but they wanted to target potential customers directly.

We identified Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the most critical networks based on Blind Installation and Repair’s target market. Each month, we provided a solid base of 6 posts that are shared across all three social channels. We created display and text ads using Google AdWords, Facebook Paid Advertising and Bing Advertising. Anyone searching for critical keywords (such as “blind repair” or “fix blinds”) within Blind Installation and Repair’s service area would be met with an advertisement. Our first ad set generated nearly 2,000 new users to their website. As well as their social efforts, we bolstered their content with one email and blog per month to help keep returning customers coming back.

After working with BizzyWeb for a few years, Blind Installation & Repair decided to upgrade their sales systems and consolidate marketing efforts by integrating HubSpot. Management was looking for more insight into their sales pipelines, and were only using QuickBooks and Constant Contact for their client management. They wanted a way to keep track of their Sales opportunities, get leads in automatically from their website, and find a way to work them through the sales process and stay on top of all opportunities in their pipelines.

The challenge was taking data from disparate sources and integrating them into a system. BizzyWeb led efforts to document Sales or Service process, and BizzyWeb translate their optimized lead flows and sales efforts into HubSpot for use in the Sales and Service Hubs.

As a digital marketing retainer client, creation of email and landing page templates, and nurturing automations, have made lead warm-up a breeze. They have automated their marketing to easily communicate with customers, report on marketing and sales effectiveness, as well as track campaigns through to ROI.

"When we were first introduced to the idea of having a new CRM for a specific part of our business, we were completely overwhelmed with the idea of transitioning from pen/paper to this seemingly perfect database. However, BizzyWeb partnered with HubSpot to ensure that all of our questions and concerns were properly addressed and to put all of our overwhelming feelings at ease. The build out for our customized CRM was a long process but BizzyWeb remained diligent to finish it and ultimately provide us with appropriate training in order to manage it ourselves. As the process continued, we were happy to know that if we had any questions or wanted to restructure our CRM, that we could rely on BizzyWeb!"

— Hannah White, Sales and Marketing, Blind Installation and Repair



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